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You -- yes, you -- can contract your own home!

  • Always thought your dream home was out of reach?
  • Do you love to save money or find a good bargain?
  • Do you enjoy a challenge?
  • Do you have "common sense"?
  • Can you follow directions if they are simply laid out?
building your own home - how to build a house - construction costs How To Contract Your Own Home is a Step-by-Step Construction Guide for General Contracting Your Own New Home and Building Your Own Home.

If you said "yes", then you can!

Step-by-step instructions are clearly outlined, taking all the guesswork out of your project. Drawings are included to help you "visualize" each phase of construction.

HOW TO CONTRACT YOUR OWN HOME takes you one step at a time, from the drawing of your rough sketch on a napkin at the kitchen table, right up to the "turn-key finish" of your new home. What's more, you'll have saved up to 41% of the cost of the same home if you had purchased it on the market!

The handy Construction Guide Section lists in great detail each step you need to take, so you simply fill in the blanks as you complete each step, and before you know it, you're ready to move into your new home! Who knows, you may just want to build another; and another...


This book was written to provide a simple but complete set of instructions for building your own residential home. These step-by-step instructions cover all areas of residential construction from the beginning to the end. Following these step-by-step instructions will save you time and money and help to reduce frustration or tension caused by not having a complete plan.

Contracting is the process of co-ordinating the efforts of skilled tradesmen and materials in an efficient manner.

This book will show you how to do just that! The goal is to save time and money -- yours!

Time is Money

An old adage says, "Time is money". Time is a valuable commodity, and when time is unproductive or wasted on a construction site, the result can be extra costs or delays incurred by "you -- the home builder". This book will help you plan and organize your time and the time of your subcontractors.

Our Construction Guide in Chapter 14 takes you step-by-step through each phase and individual area of the construction process. To save time, follow the Guide and plan your time. Do only the work applicable to your specific project and only do it once. Doing things only once is where you save a great deal of time and eliminate the frustration.

Saving Money - Yours!

When properly applying all the information assembled in this book, you can easily save as much as 41% over the same home purchased through the real estate market. Here is where you save!

"Sweat Equity" -- your own labor 6-9%
Materials 4-5%
Contractor's Markup 15-20%
Real Estate Fee 7%
You saved as much as 41%

The money you save by being your own general contractor will either dramatically reduce your mortgage or allow you to build a more elaborate home with more of the add-on features you always wanted, but could not afford!

So What Does How To
Contract Your Own Home
Cover, Exactly?

How To Contract Your Own Home covers everything from plumbing to painting, and from excavating to eventually selling your home.


Clear direction: 20 important points to recognize and clarify before you even start contracting your own home.

Eliminate doubt or fear of not knowing how to proceed being your own general contractor.

28 construction processes and 249 step-by-step points to follow for a predetermined start to finish process of building your own home!

Being able to determine your home design & quality of materials used to build it.

The "fun" of shopping & choosing your floor coverings, lighting, paint colors, etc.

Saving you money and allowing for a larger home with more of the "I wants", or having a smaller mortgage.

Ideas on how to "cut costs".

How to complete Change Orders & Mortgage Advance Schedules.

How to estimate the cost of building your own house.

Why you should keep good records during the building process.

Why you should take lots of pictures and even possibly videotape the construction of your new house.

Summary of common house styles used when building.

Reasons you need to get a lawyer involved in the process and get experts you trust involved in the process.

Learn how to select a good location to build your house.

How to work with the suppliers of the materials used in building your house.

And much, much, more!


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Below is the Table of Contents of How to Contract Your Own Home so you can see what is actually covered and how!

Table of Contents


    1. The Adventure Begins
    2. Stepping Out
    3. Common House Styles
    4. Legal Principles & Pitfalls
    5. Financial Information
    • Schedule of Mortgage Advances

    6. Location
    • Site Plan Graphs

    7. How to Estimate the Cost of Building
    8. "Changes" -- Changes are Costly!
    • Subcontractor Estimates
    • Accepted Estimates
    • Change Order

    9. Cutting Costs
    10. Hired Labor
    11. Working with Suppliers
    12. Building Inspections


    13. Before You Start
    14. Construction Guide
    15. Site Plan & Sketch
    16. Excavation
    17. Foundations
    18. Framing
    • Bungalow Framing
    • Bi-Level Framing
    • Two-Story Framing
    • Wall Framing
    • Stairs & Floor Framing
    • Deck Framing

    19. Doors & Window
    • Casement Window
    • Awning Window
    • Bay/Bow Window
    • Slider Window
    • Specialty Window
    • Skylight Window

    20. Plumbing
    21. Electrical
    22. Roofing
    23. H.V.A.C.
    24. Siding, Soffit & Fascia
    25. Stucco & Brick
    26. Eavestroughing
    27. Insulation & Soundproofing
    28. Drywall
    29. Painting
    30. Cabinets, Vanities & Countertops
    • Cabinet Sketch

    31. Floor Covering
    32. Trim
    33. Garage, Driveway & Sidewalks
    34. Landscaping
    35. Selling Your Own Home

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